Meet The Horses

At the moment we have a small mixed team of ponies, some of them we have especially chosen as therapy ponies and some of them were ponies we owned before starting the therapy centre.

Most of the ponies have spent over a year been trained but the most important thing is their characters. Therapy ponies need by nature to be kind, to enjoy human company, to be patient and have good manners.  We spend a long time desensitizing the ponies, so they are safe for children and adults to work alongside. We get them used to loud noises, sudden movements, toys , flags , wheel chairs you name it they have seen it!

 We are also in the process of training our smallest pony Rockstar to be able to climb stairs, walk on different surfaces and travel in elevators so he can go into hospices/care homes and schools.

All of our ponies have individual and unique qualities and you and the ponies tend to choose each other Taps and Lucy have huge amounts of empathy, Billy is very shy and looks for leadership, Rocky and Guinness are quite cheeky and fun loving and Storm is, well, Storm…. A typical native pony she knows her own mind and only does what she wants to do but she is very kind and loving.

Our ponies are our best friends and they get the best care we can provide. They regularly get their feet trimmed , they have their yearly vaccinations and health checks by our vets. They also get yearly dental treatments and regular visits from an equine sports massage therapist.