Lucy Brown

Lucy is a 13.2hh traditional Irish cob who was born and bred in Ireland. 

Lucywe have owned lucy since she was three years old and have backed her to be ridden ourselves. She is still quite a baby, so we haven’t done too much with her yet as she needs time to mature. Her best friend is Taps. They spend all their time together and will often be found grazing together or lying down together. 

Lucy is a very calm pony; we often think of her as an ‘old soul’ that has been on this planet before! She takes everything in her stride and doesn’t worry about anything; she is a very soothing pony within the herd. Any of the ponies who get stressed and worried often find themselves been calmed by her…

We expected her to be quite slow and steady when we backed her but we found she loves taking up the lead position in the ride and has quite a turn of speed! She loves investigating different areas and is very quick to learn new things. She is slightly ruled by her tummy and is a bit of a Houdini in the summer……many times we have found her in a field containing much greener grass than the field we had put her out in!

On the yard, she is affectionately known as ‘the unicorn’. Partly because she is so beautiful and partly because of her ability to connect so deeply with people. When we are feeling worried or anxious, the best medicine for us is to go and sit with Lucy, and she always makes you feel better. Lucy will often connect with people who suffer from anxiety, her unique ability to calm peoples nerves and offer them support is simply amazing.