Storm is a 12-year-old, 11.2hh pedigree Dartmoor pony bred on Dartmoor.

We have owned Storm for a long time, we rescued her as a filly, and we were unsure whether she would pull through. She was extremely underweight and very weak, and lethargic. She had been at the bottom of the herds pecking order getting very little available food, and on top of that, she was riddled with worms. It took many months of nursing. Finally with lots and lots of TLC, her health started to improve. During the months of nursing, our daughter would spend every spare moment in storms stable reading to her. This created a bond between them which I think most equestrians could only ever dream of.

Storm and our daughter have done everything together, riding displays, cross country, carnivals, horse shows, picnic rides, hacks ….you name it, and they have done it together.

What storm lacks in size, compared to the rest of the herd, she makes up in personality. She is stubborn, opinionated and bossy; the only pony she will listen to is Taps, and even then, when Taps isn’t looking Storm will toss her head around and stamp her foot like a naughty child having a temper tantrum. She is also the most vocal of our herd; she will instantly communicate with you by banging her door….a very loud whinny or a snort if she feels she has been left out or forgotten about.

Storm is such a character. She is small but mighty, and we are sure she would describe herself as a 17hh dressage diva rather than an 11.2hh tiny Dartmoor pony. However, despite outward bravado she still likes nothing more than having a groom or a cuddle and does have a soft centre to her.