Welcome to Stonehill Stables, your haven for equine-assisted therapy near the charming town of Chudleigh, nestled between Haldon Hills and wild Dartmoor. We offer a serene setting for therapeutic horsemanship, with friendly ponies and experienced professionals welcoming individuals and groups alike.

Our equine therapy involves a team of gentle ponies and trained mental health helpers. We understand that traditional environments like classrooms may not be the easiest places to share worries. Our calming pony pals offer a safe space to explore and navigate through tough times and worries.

Stonehill Stables equine-assisted learning programmes focus on boosting happiness by teaching valuable skills with the help of our ponies. In a typical equine therapy session, activities range from grooming our ponies, feeding them their favourite snacks, petting them, to even tidying their stables. Participants also get the chance to lead the horses around, engage in pony training in our round pen, and enjoy fun-filled pony agility games.

Each equine therapy activity is designed to enhance emotional management, improve confidence, foster a sense of self-worth, teach about setting boundaries, and promote independence and social connections.

If school bullying has you seeking a supportive environment, Stonehill Stables offers the perfect refuge with our unique, pony-powered therapy. Join us for equine-assisted therapy and make friends with our four-legged pals, providing a path to wellbeing and resilience.

Families living with Autism
PTSD & Trauma
Survivors of Domestic Abuse
Treating Addictions

What Is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy?

Discover the power of equine-assisted therapy, where our friendly horses become your very own fuzzy therapists!

In our unique equine therapy sessions, you or your small group will engage in activities such as grooming, feeding, petting, and leading the horse, all under the expert guidance of our dedicated mental health practitioners.

Equine-assisted learning helps manage emotions, build confidence, and teach responsibility. The magic of therapeutic horsemanship lies in these magnificent, gentle giants!

Despite their size, weighing between 400kg and 900kg, our adult horses will make you feel at ease instantly.

Often referred to as ‘Equine-assisted mental health’, ‘Equine-facilitated psychotherapy’, or simply ‘Equine therapy’, this innovative approach is gaining popularity. It’s all about quality time with horses to enhance your emotional well-being.

If you’re feeling bullied and need an equine friend’s support, equine-assisted therapy could be your path to a happier, healthier you! Unleash the healing power of horses with us today.