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Stonehill Stables are located close to the town of Chudleigh, nestled between Haldon Hill and Dartmoor. This beautiful location helps us to provide a calming and safe environment where our fully trained therapists and ponies can offer treatment to individuals and small groups.   

We use our team of ponies assisted by qualified mental health practitioners to help people overcome trauma, addiction, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and much more in this nurturing environment. It is often difficult to open up and talk about your problems in a more traditional type of setting but here our gentle ponies will offer a sense of peace and calmness giving you a safe place to explore deep emotional problems or painful experiences. Working with the ponies we will teach you transferable skills to improve your mental health and day to day life. 

During a typical session, individuals or small groups will engage in activities involving the ponies. This could range from grooming, feeding, stroking the pony or perhaps mucking them out to exercising the pony by leading them, working in our round pen, long reining or having fun doing agility with them. 

All of the sessions we carry out have been specially developed to help individuals regulate their emotions, improve self-confidence and self-worth, create responsibility and boundaries and promote independence and social relationships.  

Families living with Autism
PTSD & Trauma
Survivors of Domestic Abuse
Treating Addictions

What Is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy?

Equine-assisted therapy involves including horses into treatment. It’s the horses themselves are the therapy.
During a typical session, individuals and sometimes small groups, engage in grooming, feeding, stroking, and leading the horse whilst under the supervision of a qualified mental health practitioner.
The goal of the therapy is to help individuals to regulate their emotions, improve self-confidence and self-worth, and create responsibility. 
Many adult horses weigh anywhere between 400kg – 900kg (880 pounds to almost2,000 pounds), which to some may feel intimidating, but their gentile nature soon puts people at ease.
The therapy which takes on many a title such as Equine-assisted mental health, Equine-assisted therapy or counselling and Equine-facilitated psychotherapy is growing in popularity. 


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