We Have Two Cats, Mary and Sammy

Mary and Sammy are our ‘ferral’ farm cats ……they used to be quite good hunters, but now they are getting on a bit they prefer food and a warm place to sleep or a sunny spot to sunbathe in.


Sammy is very shy and we adopted him as he wasn’t happy being a domestic cat and was very scared of people. The homes he had been into previously he would hide away from his owners and only come out when they were not there. We have had him for about 7 years, and he has gradually got more and more confident. He will often come to us and have a cuddle, but he is still quite shy around people he doesn’t know.


Mary loves a cuddle; sadly, she had to have her ears taken off by our vets as she had a form of skin cancer. This makes her look a little bit cross as cats flatten their ears back when they are angry, but she really is the sweetest cat and loves any attention.