Meet The Dogs

Sox is a Staffordshire Terrier, she gets her name from her white ‘socks’ on her front legs.

She is a very cuddly dog and loves to snuggle up on your lap for a cuddle. She is quite vocal and sometimes sounds more like a pig than a dog.

Her favourite things are eating, sleeping and sun bathing


Odin is a collie/spaniel cross and is obsessed with stones…he will play all day long with you. He is a very loving dog and always stays quite close to us when we are out on the yard. He loves long walks and we sometimes take him out riding with us .

His favourte things are stones, stones and stones


Shadow is sox and odins daughter, she is quite a shy dog and prefers spending her time with Chris. She can get quite vocal when she plays and absolutely loves water ..she will often jump in the horses water troughs and splash around in them.

Her favourite things are food, swimming and running in the field with sox and odin.