Hello Luvvy

Welcome to Horses 4 Life's very first blog.

 And it’s not about horses. 

I’m sure that Carol or Tori will be writing plenty of those in the coming weeks and months…

This blog is all about Luvvy. 

Luvvy was made in 1983, originally she was built as a cattle truck and then she was converted into a horse-box. We bought her in 2012 and quickly realised that the work she needed doing on her to get her fully road (and horse) worthy, was too much for our budget. 
Over the years she has been stuck in the corner of the sand school slowly rotting away.

When we decided to set up Horses 4 Life we decided that we needed a therapy room for 1-2-1 counselling, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, mindfulness or even just a space to be quiet. 

What better than a beautiful old horsebox called Luvvy – her registration number is LVV***Y hence the name Luvvy 

There’s a huge amount of work to do to get her up to scratch, let alone roadworthy – but it’s what we intend to do.
There are a few pictures of the state she’s in now and I’ll add to this blog from time to time as and when we get the next few jobs done.

The first thing to do is to strip her out, find the leaks (there’s lots of them), check the structure is sound and then begin the internal refurbishment.

As you can see from the pictures, it’s quite a job we’re (I’m) taking on, but so far it’s proven to be quite enjoyable.

More pictures to follow…


Starting to Put It All Back Together Again

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